Confused about the kind of camper trailer you should buy?

Whether this is your first outdoor vehicle, or you’ve bought a camper trailer before, you know it’s a significant investment so you don’t want to make a mistake.

That’s why you do your homework. You might attend trade shows, talk to private sellers or visit workshops or factories (or visit websites like ours).

But even after all this homework, you might still feel worried…

Because there’s only so much you can find out in the showroom. Like a new car or a new pair of shoes, you only discover whether your camper passes the test once you get it into the great outdoors!

That’s why you’ll get some real peace-of-mind from this “Tick the box” checklist from Vacation Campers…

BEFORE you buy, download this list. It reveals essential insider secrets that you MUST know to feel really confident when you buy a camper trailer.

Unfortunately, some manufacturers don’t want you to have this information.

Why now?

Because if you knew the difficult questions you REALLY had to ask to ensure you were getting the best camper possible, most manufacturers WON’T pass the test!

Give it a go. Take this checklist with you if you are going to look at a trailer that isn’t a Vacation Camper, and see if it passes the test. It’s likely that you won’t be able to tick many of these boxes!

How can we feel so confident?

Because at Vacation Campers, we KNOW we’ve crafted a quality camper trailer that does justice to your investment, and keeps you and your family safe and comfortable.

We’ve carefully considered every part of these campers.

We could have chosen cheaper materials.

We could have “done the same as everybody else” when crafting the campers.

We could have charged ‘extra’ for the special features we’ve added.

But we didn’t.

Instead, we craft every Vacation Camper as if WE were the customer, NOT as if we were trying to lower our manufacturing costs.

Campers across Australia choose Vacation Campers because they know this is an investment they will never regret-one that will have a long and solid life-span. Everything you’re about to read will show you just why we feel so confident about how good our campers are.

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