The Tourer — on-road camper trailer

The complete package to create your outdoor lifestyle.

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You want your new camper trailer to be a pleasure to use. After, holidays are the time to relax, enjoy and unwind.

As you read about the build quality and complete range of standard inclusions in the Tourer camper trailer, you'll see why so many people around Australia made it their choice. It is functional, durable and safe.

At $14,490, little wonder respected industry journalists who have put the Tourer through its paces speak so highly of the build quality and value.

All features detailed on this page are standard and are at no extra cost

It is important to understand that we aren't salespeople. We prefer to stick to what we know best — building you quality camper trailer that will be a delight to own and use.

This means that we don't go through the routine of offering you a super low-price to get your attention, and then break the bad news that you need to add (and add!) a load of options to bring it up to a useable standard.

Instead, your Vacationer camper trailer will be delivered complete, ready to use — with ALL of the standard features detailed on this page included at no extra cost.

ANNEXE AREA — standard features

  • Annexe: Full Mesh zip on "gazebo-style" awning walls plus extra canvas covers to fully enclose awning area or deploy up as a Veranda.
  • Roof: Gabled Awning roof is zipped on and supplied with spreader bars (4.5m long x 2.4m wide) The gable makes zipping on walls easy.
  • Poles, rope and pegs: All supplied.

MAIN TENT (Australian made DYNAPROOFD by WCT) — standard features

  • Material: Fully waterproof and breathable tent. Australian-made UV and rot / mildew resistant canvas, with 15oz roof and 12oz walls. Nothing else will cope with our harsh conditions!
  • Tent area: 2.2m x 2.7m (9') plus the area for the queen sized bed.
  • Ventilation: 5 windows, 2 doors, floor vent, and 2 zip cord access.
  • Walls: No awkward crouching, all the walls are vertical to give you the space you need.

BEDROOM — standard features

  • Handy Step ladder: Get in and out of bed with ease — includes access steps with large and sturdy alloy platform off the trailer.
  • Bed area has 3 large screened windows (one with canvas awning) for comfortable summer nights. All zips are internal - so if it rains, you stay warm and dry. 2 zip sliders allow height adjustments.
  • Internal access hatch to cargo bay under bed, assisted by gas struts. You won't struggle holding up the mattress while reaching into your cargo bay. (This is usually missed with most manufacturers).
  • Mattress: Get a great night's sleep on your 150mm thick queen-size mattress (comes with two year warranty).
  • Two mid-position doors With an extra fully sealed storm cover to stop water leaking in around the zips. This also allows you to split the camper into two bedrooms by maximising space. Better door height as well.

FLOORING — standard features

  • Heavy-duty, fire-retardant PVC floor sewn into the tent to make unpacking/packing a breeze and to prevent water and dust from getting inside. No bugs, No water, No fuss!

KITCHEN — standard features

  • Draft infill: Keep snug and comfortable on cold nights with the draft infill that covers the kitchen end of the trailer. Or roll up during hot weather to expose the fly screen for a cool breeze.
  • Extended shelf: Stainless steel fold-over extended shelf, for the cooker and basin, keeps the mess away from the main tent.
  • Kitchen box: Aluminium, with stainless steel bench and the swing away under shelf for extra storage allows good positioning.
  • Kitchen wall with PVC tinted window - to protect the cook from the elements, while letting in lots of light.
  • Water tank: Heavy duty, (bolted) 85L tank, with lockable filler and hand pump connected on the kitchen bench.

TRAILER — standard features

  • 12 volt system: Battery box, with 3 outlets, LED test indicator wired through to an Anderson plug. (battery not included).
  • Automotive weather seals on all openings to protect your gear from dust and water as you drive. All seals are squash proofed.
  • Cargo area: 7' x 4' x 530mm All Zincanneal steel cargo area that won't rust quickly like other campers that use inferior painted "black" steel. Our campers are also rust proofed with Penitrol.
  • Carpeted floor in cargo bay (quality automotive standard). Fitted with press studs (not glue!) so you can remove carpet for easy cleaning.
  • Chassis: Galvanised, One piece roll-formed, full length chassis rails, 3mm thick achieves high strength around the suspension hangers with increased ground clearance at the 2.1m extra length draw bar which gives added control as you tow and reverse.
  • Holders: 1 gas bottle holder and 1 jerry can holder (all lockable).
  • Jockey wheel: Large - High quality made in New Zealand. The swivel up feature makes storing quick and easy. Best available.
  • Pole holder: 150mm PVC with ply infill for extra strength.
  • Toolbox: Welded aluminium, sealed and lockable
  • Spare wheel carrier: Front flat.
  • Stabilizers wind down to steady camper.
  • Suspension system: High quality 830mm eye to eye shackled leaf system, greasable.
  • Tailgate: Lockable and weather-sealed.
  • Tail lights: LED tail lights are super bright, waterproof and durable (no more faulty bulbs). All wiring is soldered and sealed.
  • Tonneau cover: Heavy-duty, UV-proof PVC rip-stop vinyl cover that zips on in one piece. Sealed, extra large with Cargo Straps.
  • Tyres and rims: Brand-new (even the spare!). Take your holiday with confidence - if you do get a flat, you can be sure the tyre you put on is up to the job!
  • Mechanical Override Brakes Plus a Handbrake.
  • Toolbox: Fully welded Aluminium sealed and waterproof

Factory Options

As you saw in the standard features list, your Vacation Camper comes as a complete, ready-to-enjoy package.

After all, we don't like the idea of getting your interest with a super-low price, and THEN making you spend more just to get it up to a basic, usable standard. We'd prefer to give you what you want right from the start — a beautifully made camper trailer that is GENUINELY ready to use!

However, if you have any special requirements for added functionality to your camper, we are happy to help with factory options

The list below covers most possibilities. Remember though, as we build every camper trailer right here in our factory, we have total control and can easily custom build to your requirements. Just contact us and tell us what you need.

  • Annexe matting: Quality German matting comes in green and encased in canvas bag. 2.5m x 4.5 wide to cover awning area but can be made to any specification.

  • Annexe Awning Corner Piece: fills the gap between the front and side awnings when deployed up to create the wrap around veranda-style living environment. This can also be attached at either end of the veranda as a wall for extra side protection.

  • Thermal fly: Heavy-duty tarp with silver reflective material. Elevated from the tent by fibreglass bows to allow airflow. The Main Fly remains on with only the Annexe or Spare room needing to detach.

  • Offside Awning: Full length extends over draw bar (supplied with poles ropes pegs).

  • PVC Cafe Blinds: Zip on tinted clear PVC walls, keep out the cold weather without closing you in.

  • Ensuite: Double, 2.3 x 1.2 m, Towel rail, shampoo and toilet paper holders. Mesh floor and two mesh windows with covers.

  • Clothes Draw: Full extension, 1200 x 400 x 400 mm Alloy draw on heavy duty roller bearings, side opening into the tent.

  • Spare room: Australian-made canvas (2.7m x 2m). Zips onto the main tent beside the draw bar (allowing a normal site area). Comprised of two sections – The gabled roof can be fitted separately as an extra off-side Awning and extends full length over the draw bar area. Now you can zip on the room with its PVC rip-stop floor sewn in for durability. Includes 4 windows, 2 with large awnings (all mosquito proof) An extra Pole holder is also included. Or have a prep done.

  • 240 volt supply: Two outlets positioned by the bench with an earth leakage protection and safety cut out switch – (AS/NZS) With a high quality fully sealed industrial Inlet. Also comes with a heavy-duty 15 Amp caravan lead.

  • Boat rack: Galvanised 'H' frame with Tefnal skid rails (detachable for increased flexibility).

  • Hot dip galvanising: Industrial finish. (Talk to us about our rust preventive construction as you may not require this option).

  • Independent suspension: All types are available. (This campers is already fitted with a high quality leaf suspension).

  • Electric Water Pump: 11 litres per minute. Self priming automatic pressure pump with a 3 outlet capability. 3 year warranty.

  • Stone guard: (heavy duty galvanised) Engineered with curved angles for improved stone deflection below chassis.

  • Shock Absorbers:

  • Nose Cone compartment: Upgrade the existing toolbox/pole holder to a larger nose-cone toolbox with built in pole holder.

  • Cooker: LIDO 59L low-pressure cooker (two-burner with grill). Can be used in conjunction with other appliances. (Alternative portable or Fitted fixed cookers with built in gas lines and automatic shut off valve are available P.O.A.).

  • Fridge Slide: Rear slide out then swing around. Putting a Fridge where you need it! + 12volt plug (950w x 550d x 460 high).

  • Clothes Shelf: Adjustable Height. This can remain set up when packing away the camper.

  • Batteries: Deep Cycle Sealed.

  • 12v Battery Management System: Quality C-Tek XS7000 Battery Charger, 2 x Battery boxes with Two 120a/h Batteries, 4 fused 12v Socket Outlets (2 at the rear) Low voltage cut-out switch with 50amp Relay to an Anderson Plug at the coupling.

  • evaKOOL 85L Fridge/Freezer: Multi functional 3 in1 compartment. Low power usage ensures your battery lasts longer. Silent, reliable & efficient operation. 5 year written warranty.

Specifications and Layout

Tare525kg (including ALL accessories)
ATM1150kg or 1300kg
Ball weight35kg
Cargo bay2100mm x 1200mm x 530mm with Carpet
Body constructionZincanneal steel / Supagalv
TonneauPVC UV-proof rip-stop. Plus Cargo Straps
Suspension"Cruisemaster Explorer" 830 mm eye to eye.
Rims3 14 x 6 New, Steel
Tyres3 185 x 14C New, light truck
CouplingGalvanised 50mm Override with hand brake
Axle1.3 Ton 40 mm Solid Square Beam
Length4.345m (over all)
Width1.730m (over all)

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