Vacation Campers: quality camper trailers such as folding camper trailer, and off road camper trailers that are ready for the road, right for relaxation.

When you’re investing in a camper trailer, folding camper trailer or off road camper, what you’re actually buying is your “home away from home” — the place you and your family will live, sleep, eat, and play while you are holidaying.

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Just as you want a home that’s built with care, diligence, and attention to detail, you want the same in a camper trailer!

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Why choose a Vacation Camper?

Because you’re choosing an outdoor vehicle that’s so much more than a trailer – an outdoor vehicle that’s been crafted from scratch and by hand, with YOUR family (not money!) in mind…

You’ve been doing your research on camper trailers. So you know there are a lot to choose from — and you could buy from any manufacturer based on price.

But then, you risk buying from someone who’s made a cheaper trailer by compromising on the details. Details that will be SO IMPORTANT to the safety and comfort of your family once you hit the road!

When you’re in the great outdoors, away from the comforts of your own home you’re REALLY going to appreciate your Vacation Camper – and the fact that it comes as a complete package!

Manufactured in Australia, and assembled under ONE roof at our local factory, you have complete confidence in the workmanship and quality of your trailer.

Come and visit our showroom and workshop on Brisbane’s Northside. You’ll see that a Vacation Camper is:

  • As safe as it is luxurious;
  • As comfortable as it is practical;
  • And as durable as it is liveable.

Browse through our website to:

  • Learn more about our range of Vacation Campers: designed and crafted to suit the kind of holiday YOU want to take!
  • Have a look at the Vacationer or the Tourer to see which one is RIGHT for you!
  • Compare the features of our campers side-by-side
  • Meet the professional, dedicated people who will build your camper!
  • Discover the 13 top things you MUST know about camper trailers BEFORE you buy one!
  • Read why other campers around Australia choose Vacation Campers — and where they’re taking them.
  • See where you can catch us at local trade and display shows!
theo and pauline synder from vacation camper trailers enjoying a cold drink inside the vacationer

We’ll chat about what kind of holidays you and your family take, and which camper in our range will suit you best.

At the same time, you’ll experience our passion for quality and our enthusiastic customer service!

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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